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François Isabelle4.jpg

Photo : Micro Landry

François Isabelle has been a professional performing artist for over 25 years. Acrobat, actor, dancer but also director and artistic adviser François has been passionate about the art of clowning in recent years.
It was as a public entertainer in Montreal that he began his career with an animation and acrobatics show. Subsequently, his career led him to the theater of movement where he acquired all these skills in physical acting and interpretation. Then he got involved in dance by developing, among other things, his hip hop and breakdance style. Then towards the circus by creating a hand-to-hand act that knew how to make it mark everywhere around the world, with several companies and this for more than ten years.
Now François specializes in clowning and creates a solo show for young audiences as well as comic characters in different contexts.
He also uses all his experience and expertise by working as an artistic advisor for theater companies for young audiences, as an acrobatic choreographer and as a director for both variety and circus shows.

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