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Artistic approach

I'm a physical play artist who uses my body as my main tool for expression. I have always been fascinated by the capacities of this one, fascinated by the infinite possibility of arrangements, of amplitude, of subtlety that one can give to the movements. I am amazed to see that the body can be translated into a universal and poetic language.


Self-taught, I enrich and nourish my career as a performer through the diversity of my experiences. In creation, as in interpretation, I amalgamate mainly three artistic techniques  : acrobatics to impress and surprise, dance to move and clowning to make people laugh.


Captivated by the precision of the gesture, by its lyricism, I admire these great actors of physical comedy such as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. I am inspired by the touching naivety emanating from the characters created by these actors from my childhood.  : Louis of  Funès, Pierre Richard or Jerry Lewis. In addition, the Road Runner and La Linea cartoons remain in my mind as a precious reference that punctuates the performance on stage.


Like the younger generations, I am concerned about the future and its many sensitive issues. A member of Avazz, Greenpeace and Québec Solidaire, I consider myself to be politicized and committed, in tune with current events, in life as well as on stage. I like philosophical reflections that deal with the progress of our societies, the progress or otherwise of our humanity and our relationship with the planet.


I use the poetry of the body to engender laughter and hope through reflection on major issues, while adopting the lightness, spontaneity and candor specific to childhood. I sincerely love the young audiences I address, inspired by who they are and what they experience.

Francois Isabelle


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